Eli Rainsberry
Eli Rainsberry

they/them pronouns

eli rainsberry (b. 1993) is a composer, sound artist and audio designer, specialising in music and sounds for animated, interactive, and interdisciplinary works. creating things for others since 2012. currently based in Yorkshire, UK.

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open to enquiries regarding all forms of work from January 2020 onwards! may generally consider short term commissions at any point, depending on availability plus scope of work

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for any of my bandcamp releases if you're low-earning

twitter recognition is weird, y'all:
GamesIndustry.biz 100, Rising Stars, 2018
IGF nominated for Excellence in Design, Wilmot’s Warehouse, 2018

a big ol thank you to
allissa chan for illustrations + iconography
pat monaghan for mobile optimisation + additional code